Artist Spotlight on Ricardo Yanofsky (ghostmans)

In the coming weeks, we will be filling the blog with Artist Spotlights comprised of footage from the 2019 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival. Return often to hear more from these strong creatives about their processes and more!

Ricardo Yanofsky's non-narrative animation "ghostmans" describes itself as a "grotesque ballet set in the ghost dimension." It turns out to be an experience that defies description. It is a trance-inducing swirl of ghostly colors that teases the subconscious with its combination of familiar music (that seems to come through the ghosts themselves) and rhythmic movements. Even the simplistic expressions on the ghosts themselves seem to come alive and fill us with a confused kind of joy. Enjoy our conversation with the artist Ricardo Yanofsky.

Ricardo Yanofsky is an animator, game developer, and cinefile. He currently works as a motion capture artist on feature films. ghostmans is his first completed independent film since graduating from university.

Interview by Jay Kay

Video by Shane Churchman

Line Producer: Sterling Anno

Editing and Subtitles by: Miguel Rodriguez