Horrible Imaginings Presents: Campfire Tales!

Hello Horrible Imaginers!

It has been a while since we’ve been able to update this blog. The programming and festival prep has completely monopolized the time an energy! So, here we are, less than one week away from the 10th annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival! It is difficult to believe that a decade has passed since I began this yearly showcase exploring the macabre in cinema and art, both past and present. In the last few weeks, we have announced a slew of this year’s amazing offerings including:

  • A 60th-anniversary presentation of William Castle’s beloved THE TINGLER, with The Frida Cinema outfitted with the wild PERCEPTO gimmick, just like they used in 1959!

  • “Future Fears,” a short film panel of youth filmmakers.

  • “Horror for Humanity,” a panel focusing on the potency of using the genre lens to express real-world anxieties.

  • Ballet performances from Leigh Purtill Ballet Company’s “Sweet Sorrow: A Zombie Ballet.”

  • Not to mention the over 50 short and feature films from the newest voices in horror, science fiction, and fantasy cinema to grace the screen!

All of this and more is hitting The Frida Cinema starting this Friday, August 30th and running through Sunday, and we couldn’t be more shaky with the anticipation! What I want to talk about here, though, is something even bigger. 

What could be bigger, you ask? Well, nothing less than the festival itself!

In all the years of doing this, the hardest thing has been the limited time we have when we get SO many amazing titles submitted. Many films that we desperately want to share with you end up not fitting. Now, with the continued partnership of The Frida Cinema, we are helping to fix that problem. 

HIFF Campfire Tales-1-01.png

I am thrilled to introduce a new quarterly evening of horror short films we are calling Horrible Imaginings Presents: CAMPFIRE TALES! Four times per year, we will have a celebration of exemplary short horror cinema that has been collected from around the world. 

Each night will be $15, and include filmmaker discussion, special events, and more! We are offering year-long memberships to the series for just $40! As if that weren’t enough, being a Campfire Tales year-round member will entitle you to exclusive discounts to other horror-centric programming at The Frida Cinema!

We even have most of the titles ready to announce!

In October:

In December:

In February:

In May:

Exact dates and pass sales will be announced ASAP! Keep an eye out here--to the all new horror newsletter--for more details! And, until we see each other this weekend, STAY SCARED! 

Miguel Rodriguez,
Founder and Executive Director
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival