Sports Day

2018 | China | Chinese with English Subtitles

Copy of Sports Day

On an ordinary, hot summer day, Bai and Zhao decide to escape their high school's mandatory event "Sports Day" to spend some private time together. But at the moment Bai walks into an 80s-style rented room that Zhao found, she knows that this room's got something bizarre and inexplicable going on. As Zhao gets too excited and aggressively forces himself on Bai's body, she panics and asks Zhao to get a condom as an excuse. After Zhao leaves, Bai is left alone. She starts to observe the room with caution and great curiosity. She soon realizes that her instinct is right: there's someone else in this room, secretly observing her with great interest as well...

Director: Lin Tu

Cast: Jingling Li, Jing Jin, Xiaojun Gong